Yamaha Pacifica Red Metallic


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Yamaha Pacifica Red Metallic


The Yamaha Pacifica series has been constructed to respond to various genres and play styles. Its PU configuration provides a wide range of sound characters from bottomless heavy distortion to clear-cut clean sound.

Wound with plain enamel wire on a 1950s Leesona winding machine, the SP90-1’s tone is a faithful reproduction of the original soap bar pickups. Short, wide bobbins give a higher output and more powerful midrange than conventional single-coils for a fat neck pickup tone with clarity impossible to achieve with humbucking pickups.

Exclusive to Yamaha Guitars, the humbucker version of the revolutionary P-Rails pickup offers full humbucker tone in position 1, soap bar single coil in position 2, and regular single coil in position 3. Alnico V Pickups Alnico V magnets are used for both the single coil and humbucking pickups to deliver a warm, clear tone that won’t get buried in the mix.


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