“It’s All About YOU!”

It’s not about us at Oosthaven’s Music… It’s All About YOU!
We are here to help you make your dreams come true!
It is our belief that there is an answer to every problem.
Our mission is to provide well-informed and thought-through solutions to your Musical Instrument and Audio-Visual challenges.
We do this through striving for excellent customer service levels and competitive pricing.
Furthermore, we recognize the importance of social uplift in all communities, regardless of ethnic background.
We are actively engaging with various charities to make a tangible difference.
We hope you will feel at home in our music stores and trust that we will meet your highest expectations. We are incredibly proud of our long history which started in Pretoria in 1978 but feels even more excited about building on our strong ethical background.
Join us on this musical journey and kindly give us feedback on what we’ve done right or how we can improve.
We appreciate your letting us know what you like about Oosthaven’s Music.
Do you think we can do even better? Please tell us how by popping us an email at sales@oosthavens.co.za
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