Valeton GP-200R Multi-Effects Processor

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Valeton GP-200R Multi-Effects Processor


Implementing the HD digital modeling technology accumulated throughout years of the Valeton team’s diligent efforts, the GP-200R delivers hundreds of editions of tones from world-class amplifiers and stomp boxes with a comprehensively upgraded algorithm. Combining 140 legendary amplifiers and cabinet simulations and 100 renowned stomp box effect pedals, plus 20 factory cab IR slots, the GP-200R will guarantee your consistently great sound on stage.

The module buttons provide fast on/off to the corresponding effect modules; amp knobs offer straightforward visual presentations; customizable quick access knobs bring plenty of space for every patch’s micro-adjustment. Up to 25 knobs and buttons will accordingly follow their own commands to ensure details are delivered.

By applying optical sensor technology, this beautifully crafted expression pedal comes with an exceptionally smooth and sensitive touch. Able to control multiple effect parameters, this pedal dynamically lightens up your inspiration for songwriting and jamming when creating your tones.

To effectively distribute the order of the effects will determine whether or not it is your go-to tone, while the perfect tone standard varies from one to another. The GP-200 has 11 switchable effect modules able to work simultaneously, and every single one runs an independent simulation. By switching them over and testing for yourself, you’ll either be able to follow in the footsteps of your guitar hero or become the hero yourself.

Outside of live performance, on the broader stage, GP-200 will also accompany you in various scenarios including daily practice, songwriting, and recording sessions.

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1/4″ TS instrument input

– 2* Unbalanced 1/4″TS outputs

– 2* Balanced XLR outputs

– 1/4″ Unbalanced FX LOOP I/O for connecting other gears

– 1/8″ headphone output

– Stereo 1/8″ Aux Input

– Standard 5-pin midi IN/OUT (THRU) jacks for further control expansion

– 1/4″ TRS EXP/FS jack

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