On-Stage SMS6600-P


Hex-Base Monitor Stands

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Professional Studio Monitor Stands adjust from 36.5-54″ in height to customize your listening area. The stands feature a heavy duty stamped Hex-Base, which provides a stable foundation and can hold up to 90 lbs per stand. Rubber feet and EVA rubber on the platform add stability and shock absorption. Six leveling carpet spikes can be installed for extra stability when using the stand on carpet.


  • Features a 9 1/2″ Square platform with 1 mm thick non-slip, shock absorbing pad
  • All metal stand with height that adjusts from 36 1/2″ to 54″ and line-it-up pin-locking positions for added security
  • Heavy duty stamped 14″ Hex-Base with application options -3 rubber feet for vibration dampening and leveling on solid flooring or 3 leveling spikes for carpeted surfaces or for pinpoint contact
  • Solid steel machined lug with M20 threading provides interchangeability within our M20 line and an excellent combination of fast assembly and secure connection, while extending thread wear far beyond fine-thread designs


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